Kontakt och bokning: Ina Nordin tel. 0708-359 007     info@kanslansverkstad.se

Try clay working and pottery

With our help you get the feeling of being able to do wonderful things.
Book a day and experience the creative joy with your family, your friends or with like minded.
Contact Sheet for booking and questions.
Our most common opening hours are at 11:00 or 17:00

Select; Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays or Sundays.

Larger groups, 10 and more, can choose other days and times.

We have no fixed courses only single course days.

 You stay as long as you can or until we close in the evening.

We are open most of the year.

Limited number of participant. Always book time.

2 hours taste of the workshop

You get; "fika", introduction to the workshop, mini course and a small piece of clay.
You choose; keep what you have done or have a ready made thing from our little gift shop, guaranteed nice!
We will send to you what you want to keep, ready-glazed.
Costs: 2 hours: 470 SEK (Inkludes; "fika", a small tutorial and a bit of clay.)
Your discounts.

4 hours course in clay

There is a possibility to have a whole day.
You are welcome alone or in groups. From 5 years.
Bring your picnic, we offer tea and coffee.
The price of the course includes 1 kg clay.
We begin with a review of one or two techniques where you learn the basics or refresh old knowledge.
We support you in the project you want to select for the day.
You choose the colors you want. We do the glazing for you.
We will send to you what you want to keep, ready-glazed.
Costs: 4 hours: 620 SEK (Inkludes; tutorial, 1 kg clay that we glaze for you).
Your discounts.

8 hours course in clay and glaze

Try all the aspects of the craft, both clay and glaze.
Start with one clay day and returned three weeks later for a glaze course.
The glazing course takes about as long time as the clay course.
We keape your things until you come your second time.
Costs: 8 hours: 620 SEK (Inkludes; tutorial, 1 kg clay and a 2ond day for learning to do the glazing). Your discounts.

Family Activity

Bring your grandchildren to Känslans Verkstad and give them something that will last a lifetime.
Share their interest and their sense of creativity.
We help you with the child so that you get the chance to make things your selfe.
Come regularly and learn the ancient craft.
Do not sit as the audience during your child's activity.

School Holidays

Opening hours are displayed on top of the homepage.
Book well in advance as this weeks are busy with a lot of visitors.


The workshop will take 20 people but can accommodate more.
Contact us for your personalized party. From 2-6 hours.
Come to our workshop or let us come to you. We make your party slick!
Producing lifetime memories during laughter.  
We do:
Girls night out, after work , kick-offs, anniversaries and speech-day.
The smaller the group:
5-10 paying participans.
The experience includes:
• A day in the workshop.
• A course in clay apted for the occasion.
• 1 kg of clay.
• All the fiering in the kiln.
• A second visit for glazing or we do it for you.
• Ability to eat your own food in the studio.

Adults: 620 SEK / person
See what discounts apply to you.

The bigger group:
11-30 paying persons.
• 2-4 hours in the workshop.
• A course in clay adapted for the occasion.
• The workshop glaze, burn and send things to one address.
• Ability to eat your own food in the studio.
• We can offer a small snack.
Cost; Alternative 1:
Each individual in the group pays for itself.
Material; 400 SEK / kg clay. We weigh when you go home and you pay for how much you want to keep of what you have done.
Course fee; 220 kr. Additional discounts for seniors and children.
Cost; Option 2:
Everything is paid in a lump sum that we bill.
Everyone gets 1/2 kg of clay to work with. We frosting and send to an address.
Course and materials: SEK 300 / person (minimum 11 people, no discounts).

Contakt and booking

Welcome to Guttamåla old school.
Guttamåla is 10 km southwest of Ronneby , 1 km north of Skönevik at the coast.
Contact and booking; Ina Nordin Tel.
+46 708 359 007, info@kanslansverkstad.se
Opening hours: Monday 2 pm-8 pm, Tuesday-Thursday 10 am- 6 pm and Sunday 11 am-4 pm.
Closed for vacation in January and February. Reopens, Sunday 21/2.
Use this contact sheet to ask any question and book a time or use SMS and telefon.
Contact Sheet

Material costs:

The course without material costs: 320 skr per day. With glazing it takes two days.
• Clay 200 SEK/kg.
• 100 SEK/kg extra and we do the glazing.
• 100 SEK/kg extra and we send the things to you.
The material cost includes:
Insurance if something breaks, many different types of clays to choose from as well as lustres, glazes, engobes and oxides.
Opportunity to reglaze until you are satisfied, we do the proper finishing.


Children, retired and groups will have a discount of 100 skr.
•Children up to 17 years.
•Group of more than 4 -paying.
•For those who have been 10 times in the workshop in the past years; 170 SEK discount.
You pay after your visit.
Pay cash, with swish or to Bank Giro 367-3878.

Gift Certificates

Make your own gift card and provide a credit in the workshop .
Pay the sum to our Bank Giro 367-3878 and write an email or call our studio and tell us about the deposit and the receivers name.
Print the receivers name in the message field when you pay to Bank Giro.

Stockholm and Malmö

A weekend course near you.
Planned dates: 11-13 March, the April 15 to 17 , 6 to 8 May

By plane or train you are taken quickly and comfortably to Ronneby.
If necessary , we help you find good tickets. We pick you up from the airport or train station.
You get a personalized creativity course in ceramic and pottery from the experienced educator Ina.
We promise that it will be a wonderful memory for life.

A course includes:
Transfer between the station, studio and hotel, 16 hours in the studio, tutoring, all the material, two light lunches and two snacks and a excursion.
The weekend course must have 4 to 8 participants.
Once you have paid the booking fee you are on.
We sew together a suitable package including hotel .
If you cancel 30 days before you get all your money back. 50 % of the booking fee returned for cancellations not later than 1 week before. If canceled even later; no refund.
Reservation fee: 2000 SEK ( down payment ).
Fee: 5000 SEK
Accommodation at Ronneby Brunn with food and spa : Double room 1590 SEK/person Single 1790 SEK
We invoice the remaining cost of the course and accommodation after your visit.
Read more in swedish here. Or ask for a longer translation of the text.
Contact us for questions and reservations.
Contact Sheet

Burning your clay bought elsewhere

For SEK 160 / kg, we burn your clay.
The price also includes the ability to glaze with our glazes.
Fee applies when you use our facilities to work in.

Information regarding costs

There is no cost to:
See the exhibition, collect things, sit next to, reglaze, to do small justments or ask questions.
Fee applies when you use our facilities to work in.
The course fee includes:
A table space big enough to work at, tutorial, and clay to work with you pay the cost of material for which you want to keep.
For those who will more or less regularly drops the course fees for the 5th time in a year.
The times that you come for glazing you pay only "course cost", no material cost.
We do the cleaning and preparation work. Think of it as a nice restaurant where you come to a set table and you do not have to wash or make the dishes. We give you a pleasant experience, you pay us to do so "boring" stuf.
We do not have a card machine, however, we swish. You pay cash at the workshop or to Bg 367-3878 for your visit. Always write the name of the person you are paying for in the notification area when you pay Bg elle PG. A invoice is printed if desired.


The workshop will take 20 people but can accommodate more.
It is a good idea to bring some "fika". Are you in a little festivity context, it is equally good to include a larger meal.
The workshop has coffee maker, kettle, microwave, numerous, cutlery and mugs that you can borrow. You can order food through us. The workshop offers tea and coffee.

Work Shop

We recommend this highly appreciated ceramics activity.
Build a large cone full of small clay people.
Building a common artwork brings inspiration and pride.
The finished cone is well worth the best place in your public environment.
We also do work shops in; clay techniques, glazing, reflections on art symbols and how to manage a small pottery workshop.
Contact us for a price.
Read moor here.


15 min south west of Ronneby lies the small village Guttamåla. Nearest village is Skönevik located 1 km down south by the coast.
Address: Guttamålav 1, 372 91 Ronneby

Do not rely on your GPS as you drive from Ronneby. There are two roads, a narrow dirt(closest) road that starts at "Härstorpssjön" and one via Saxemara. Choose the way over Saxemara in your GPS.
Do not confuse Blekinges both Guttamålor. Our is situated on the coast, the other located up in the forests of Eringsboda.

WGS84 DDM (latitude, longitude)
N 56 ° 10.5970 'E 15 ° 10.8009'
WGS84 DD (latitude, longitude)
56.17662, 15.18002
6227772, 1461168

When you come from the north

Run towards Ronneby C.
Follow the signs to Saxemara in the 4th roundabout at the town hall.
Drive to Saxemara.
A few kilometers after Saxemara lies Skönevik. Here is a signpost to the right towards Guttamåla.

Direction from Karlskrona

Exit E22 at Ronneby West.
When you come into Ronneby, follow the signs to the Center. Drive past the Rail Way Station. Do not turn against "Brunnsparken" but follow the road that goes through the center westwards (unidirectional).
First roundabout that you meet at the Town Center (with big pond and stream) is signposted "Saxemara". Follow the signs to Saxemara.
A few kilometres after Saxemara comes Skönevik. Here are signposted to the right towards Guttamåla.

Direction from Karlshamn

Option 1:
Exit E22 in Åryd.
Follow Highway 15 East towards Bräkne-Hoby. In Evaryd, before you get to Bräkne- Hoby, ther´s a road to the right which is signposted Järnavik and Saxemara. Turn here. Drive half way to Järnavik. In Torp, follow the signs to Saxemara (11km) to the left.
Option 2:
Exit E22 in Bräkne-Hoby.
Follow the signs to Järnavik. In Torp, half way to Järnavik, follow the signs to Saxemara (11km) to the left.

For both option:
Drive past Väby and Vieryd on this coastly road. After a few kilometres you will reach Skönevik. In Skönevik there is a cross road and signs to Gutamåla. From Skönevik is 1 km to Guttamålavägens start towards the right, turn in here. The first house on the left is Känslans Verkstad. The house is yellow. The pottery outside speak for themselves.

Do it at home!

Work at home with the clay and do the glaze in the workshop.
Many people in Känslans Verkstad choose this option. Leave your piece of work to us so we can bisque fire and then glaze fired them. Book an apointment for the glazing.

Our advantages

Känslans Verkstad have more clays and glazes than any other work shops.
Ina Nordin started the Workshop in 2006 and works actively with her own and others artistic development.
It´s mostly Ina who leads the courses in the workshop. Ina has 30 years of experience in this craft and educational management. Ina's speciality is large ceramic article and people.
You stay as long as you like or until we close for the day.
In Känslans Verkstad you choose which days to go and how often.
This freedom is unique and promotes your strength and inspiration. The week you are busy with other projects or are too sick to go, do´t stress with our activity. Come again with renewed vigour when the desire and time returns.

Another reason to use Känslans Verkstad is that you may sell the works been done here which is not the case with common courses.
One can bring their friends to the workshop for a nice time.
We also have a great inspiration exhibition in and out doors.

The workshop has aprons to lend. Clay is easy to wash off.

Gift Ideas

We also sell ceramic artworks from the artists coo-working with Känslans Verkstad.
Come and get good gift ideas.


In our wonderful exhibition there are a wide varieties of expressions by various artists and happy amateurs who work with us.
The exhibition will also give you tips on simple garden arts to do yourself.
Welcome during our opening hours, it costs nothing to look.
The exhibition is both outside and inside.
We offer coffee and tea fore our visitors.
See more great photo look under "More on the workshop" or go to face book and surf to Emotional workshop.
We will be happy to answer your questions via melj, SMS or phone.